Upper Chichester Township

LED Gym Lighting Conversion

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Upper Chichester Township

Established in 1759, Upper Chichester has a rich history and is classified as a First Class Township. It is a growing suburban community with a population of 16,738 (2010 Census). Located in southwestern Delaware County, the township is in close proximity to Wilmington and Philadelphia. Upper Chichester is one of four municipalities in the Chichester School District.


The Problem

Our customer was looking for a way to reduce energy and maintenance costs at their community recreation center. The existing metal halide fixtures were operating seven days a week and were becoming very expensive to maintain. Their lack of durability resulting from common activities associated with gymnasium lighting resulted in significant maintenance costs.

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The Solution

  • 400w metal halide high bays replaced with 143w LED fixtures
  • Project management on the installation



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The Results

Below is a series of pictures of the LED gym lighting conversion where you can see the visual impact the upgraded lighting has had on the facility. Stouch Lighting helped to increase visibility for Upper Chichester Township while reducing their energy costs.

  • Kwh Reduction - 196,312
  • Lighting Energy Reduction Percentage - 70%
  • Annual Maintenance Cost Reduction - $7,011
  • Rebate Eligibility - $2,160
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction - 258,733 lbs
  • Total Fixtures Replaced - 90
  • Projected ROI - 25 Months

After Photo:


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